The Search for the Elusive 20 Dollar Bill - Page 5

You're inside now. You did it, everything you've worked for is now all coming together, now the final mission is, you have to do is track down the money. You ideas begin to squander as you realize a majority of them don't seem possible, or just flat out dumb, but you keep on to one idea, the idea of it being left at the weird space between one of the booth tables and the bathroom where you spend most of the time when you visit Shine, that being once in every few…. Decades? You don't visit much, more or less you treat the place like Godzilla treated Minilla in the iconic and classic 1967 film, Son of Godzilla. You head over there, of course, to see if you left your money there. You walk and walk like there's no tomorrow, with pride and joy that there's a strong possibility that there's a nice crisp 20 dollar bill with your name on it. You finally get there, and what do you know? It's there. You grab it immediately and start rushing out and you successfully do it. Wow, what a thrill. You finally did it. You call a cab to get back home, and you get home. You walk in with a hint of joy and happiness.

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