The Search for the Elusive 20 Dollar Bill - Page 3

As soon as you figured out you left it at the club you jumped in joy at the chance of being able to find the 20 dollar bill. However, one problem arises, and it's a significant one, you're dead tired. Mind you, the realization of the 20 dollar bill being at the club was only a small part of adrenaline that only applied to that jolt, but other than that you have a one-way ticket to the sleepy hallows and it's about to be used incredibly soon. There's only one way to circumvent this though, by drinking a nice cold refreshing Monster Energy Ultra Paradise, the nice refreshing taste of the green apple flavoring hitting the back of your throat is enough to fully energize you, and with the added caffeine, this might as well be the only energizer for you! After you have one of the 13 Ultra Paradises in your refrigerator, you feel more energized, but since you don't wanna walk all the way back or call for the friend that just dropped you off, you call for a taxi. Not just any type of taxi, but a Crazy Taxi, I'm just kidding, you got a normal taxi. You get in and ask for, of course, Club Shine.

Look at all that money.

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