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Hello :-) My name is Julie!

This is my own little personal abode that I update frequently with my own web pages or blog updates!
If you're new here, please feel free to look around, there's a ton to explore.

Under this box are a list of pages I've made, and if you go down even further you can see what I like to call, the Cool Thing of The Month, which are little facts that I find to be cool. At the bottom, there's a list of the websites I use pretty actively.


Here are some of the pages I've made, most are personally for fun while others were made for projects, here you can find my blog too.

Blog This is my blog, most posts here are mostly out-lining my day. It doesn't get updated often, but it's pretty active in some sense.

Old Blog was house on BlogSpot but now has moved over here.

K-Pop I'm very into k-pop, it's one of my favorite genres, so I thought it'd very fitting to make a whole page for it! I'm very proud of the design.

Julie's Really Cool Video Game I was watching this video about game engines and Construct 3 was mentioned and I thought it'd be interested in making this :D. It's pretty decent for being thrown together in an hour and a half, given more time and paitence I might be able to make an actual game with this. :P


HTML Playground Made on a whim, I'd thought it'd be very fun to test my HTML skills, I wanted to make the most bloated website I can, safe to say I succeeded.

Date of creation: November 25th, 2022

The Search For The Elusive 20 Dollar Bill Made as a project for school, I had to create a story using exclusively my skills at HTML, you could easily tell how much I knew.

How to create a basic paper airplane! Another school project, but this time it's about how to make a paper airplane. I took this one a little bit more seriously, if you couldn't tell.

June 2024

This opening to Sonic CD is honestly pretty cool. We didn't get this version until much after the original release due to the compression of Sega CD and it being a CD based console, but this opening is honestly pretty great.



Here are some other websites that I use / am pretty active on when I'm not doing real world things or working on this website.

Tumblr I don't post much on here, but when I do it's of my edits, but I'm semi active on it, you should follow me :-). I'm super into the belief that all media should be archived and preserved, which is why I occasionally post some media of my own. I mostly post a lot of K-Pop related content and movies that are hard to find without some deep digging. I'm also super active here.

YouTube Every once in a while, I sometime make videos, and this is my dumping ground for them. A lot of my uploads are unlisted however there will be public videos in the future :).

Bandcamp I barely ever make music, but on the weird off chance that I ever do, it can be found here. All music is free to download and to listen to, please listen around at the tracks listed!

SoundCloud The same deal as Bandcamp pretty much, except with SoundCloud, I'm not a fan of this website to be honest, but it makes listening to things a lot easier.

BlogSpot This is an archive of my old blog, I feel this page is a good glimpse into my mind and the type of person I am, if you ever have the chance, you should read some posts, I'm very proud of a ton of them.

I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen!
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