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Hello :-) My name is Julie!

This is my own little personal abode that mostly houses web projects / my interests!
If you're new here, please feel free to look around, there's a ton to explore.

Under this box is a list of pages that I've made, and if you go down even further, you can see what I like to call, the Cool Thing of The Month, which, is self explanatory. And, at the very bottom, there's a list of the websites that you can find me on.


Here are some of the pages I've made, most of them are personal interests I wanna express, projects from school and my personal blog.

K-Pop One of my personal favorite pages, K-pop is one of my favorite interests and I felt like making a dedicated page for it, it gets updated once a month, so it's mostly up to date.

Blog This is my blog, most posts here are mostly out-lining my day. It doesn't get updated often.

Old Blog was housed on Blogspot but now has moved over here.

Music I've started to take music a little more seriously as of late and made its very own page. The art direction here is much different than everything else on the site.

Julie's Really Cool Video Game I was watching this video about game engines and Construct 3 was mentioned and I thought it'd be interested in making this :D. It's pretty decent for being thrown together in an hour and a half, given more time and paitence I might be able to make an actual game with this. :P


HTML Playground Fun project where I wanted to see how much I can throw on an HTML file making it look like utter chaos.

Date of creation: November 25th, 2022

The Search For The Elusive 20 Dollar Bill This was a project I made for my HTML class in High School, ultimately decided to put it on here because I thought it was funny.

Here is a list of pages not mentioned.

July 2024




Here are some other websites that I use / am pretty active on when I'm not doing real world things or working on this website.

Tumblr I don't post much on here, but I prefer it over most social medias, semi active. I'm super into the belief that all media should be archived and preserved, which is why I occasionally post some media of my own. I mostly post a lot of K-Pop related content and movies that are hard to find without some deep digging. I'm super active here.

YouTube Every once in a while, I sometime make videos, and this is my dumping ground for them. A lot of my uploads are unlisted however there will be public videos in the future :).

Bandcamp I don't make music as much, but when I do I usually upload it here.

SoundCloud Same as Bandcamp, also makes listening to the music much easier.

Blogspot This is an archive of my old blog, I feel this page is a good glimpse into my mind and the type of person I am, if you ever have the chance, you should read some posts, I'm very proud of a ton of them.

I hope you've enjoyed what you've seen!
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