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I know it's not Monday but I'm not doing much tomorrow and the rest of tonight so might as well crank out a post in the meantime, it's been a pretty eventful two days so this post is gonna be a long one in comparison to the past few posts. I actually did stuff this time, and one major update I'm pretty happy about. I'll cover yesterday, Saturday to be exact. I'm not sure if I talked about this but I'm pretty sure I did but I ended up taking a trip to Georgia for a trip in general, as I go there a few times every year for family. I left pretty early, somewhere like 6 in the morning which is pretty unusual as I usually head out around 8:30 or 9 in the morning and end up getting there pretty early in the afternoon but we ended up getting there about 10:30, which was very off to me as I'm so used to getting there later than that so I wasn't sure what to do, but that quickly changed as I ended up going to this weird little glorified thrift store in town that mostly sold clothing, although most thrift stores have 60% clothes anyways so it wasn't too odd, I ended up getting 2 DVDs there, first being a Criterion release of The Royal Tenenbaums, and Afro Samurai, they were both two dollars so it felt like a pretty great deal, especially the Criterion as I see it for 4-5 bucks at used book stores, though the only downside is that it's a little beat up and missing a booklet but for 2 bucks it's not particularly bad, Afro Samurai though caught me by surprise, I tried watching the show earlier last year though unfortunately I couldn't finish it because I wasn't too invested in it although I will admit to being pretty distracted that day by other forces, what's cool about that release though is that it comes with this booklet that promotes other releases, something more akin to the promos they put on the Funimation Blu-rays and DVDs nowadays, it's a really neat time capsule, it's filled with 2000s design and charm and it's very fun to look at, and there's some shows in there that looks interesting so I might check it out because of that although if I'm gonna be completely honest I haven't watched an anime in so long and I also don't really feel like watching one recently though Afro Samurai will be the exception, I was also very surprised to see that for only 2 bucks, so of course I got my hands on it, that's a steal! As soon as my stuff was being rang up I became the topic of the conversation and the cashier started asking me questions about what I like and about the films and I just could not take it. It wasn't out of ill intent or anything but I got incredibly overwhelmed by everything that I just had to step out because of how everything felt. I can't do well in big crowds, as obvious from this blog, so being around a group of people and just absorbing it was something I wasn't used to and something I was not a big fan of, so I walked out halfway through so I could chill out in the car while everything else was being rung up. After that though not much happened, a few relatives came by and we somehow set up an impromptu bonfire, which was nice, and we hung out for a bit which was really fun, now I'm a completely personal person so I won't say much because, honestly I prefer to keep it that way, and I'm not comfortable talking about it here, but it was great fun. Soon after that I shot a pellet gun and I genuinely am so disappointed I didn't start any sooner. I love to, I'm not sure how to say it because of the fact that I'm not sure what the rules of Blogger are and I don't wanna risk it, to use it. It's genuinely so much fun, and I think I have a new found love, something feels so exhilarating about loading it up and letting it off, so much joy. I was wearing a Sonic shirt and my silver watch, I felt so cool. After that though the makeshift party we had continued and it was pretty fun, and then, it happened. Now, this is nothing bad by any means, in fact, it's pretty amazing what happened, but I ended up sitting inside for a bit so I could be by myself and think but I ended up getting a new laptop. I was already pretty aware that I was gonna get it but I assumed it was gonna be one of those cheaper but more expensive ones that works pretty well, but it ended up being a 600 dollar laptop. This caught me way off guard and I genuinely can't be more thankful I got it for free. It works amazingly and it's everything I could ask for in a computer, it's touchscreen too which is extra convenient somehow even though I didn't expect to use it that much, I've had it for less than 24 hours and I've used it a considerable amount of times which was very surprising. I spent the rest of the night setting up and using it which was pretty fun and I plan on doing that tonight, I'm obsessed with it, I'm even using it right now to write this post! It's genuinely great to finally have a laptop since it helps streamline the process so much, makes it easier and faster to write longer posts since I type significantly faster on a physical keyboard though I feel most people are like that regardless, I planned on watching Tokyo Fist that night but I didn't expect this laptop to be as good at it was so I'm gonna delay that until tomorrow on the way back home. The next day, being today, was a lot more eventful, I ended up going to sleep with my laptop open so I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was my screen, and the last page I had it open on, which was funny, I think. After I got up I ended up going to the local flea market because I had a burning hole in my pocket since I had about 100+ on me, I was ready to spend it all if I could but after walking around for an hour and didn't end up with much except I noticed this little shop that has posters and they surprisingly had Godzilla posters, more specifically the original 1954 Godzilla, Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, and Godzilla: Final Wars. I obviously picked up the Godzilla (1954) one as it was the only one I actually watched, and plus the poster for that one is incredible, I was awkward though and walked up to three people with a 10 dollar bill in my hand and the poster in the other because I had no idea who the owner was, then I walked around some more. I stopped by this game shop and they had the original PlayStation 3 model for a cheap price although I didn't pick it up because I was afraid it wouldn't work, I also stopped by a few movie places but none of them had anything I wanted except this one that had a Blu-ray section and was filled with a lot of good prices, such as the Austin Powers trilogy for 6 bucks, and most Blu-rays being 2 bucks each, they had this one movie I wanted to get, 30 Days Of Night, though I put it back for some reason. After that though we went to a mexican restaurant, nothing much happened there but afterwards I ended up going by a Target and ended up getting the anniversary edition of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania, which is a cool release because a lot of the DLC seems to be unlocked, and it comes with Sonic and Tails, which seems exciting to me for, very obvious reasons. It also comes with a art book that goes over the characters and the progression of games through poster art and character designs from said game, it's a pretty cool release and I'm happy it was 20 bucks considering it had no price tag and when I found a price scanner, it would show up as "Price Not Available", I can't wait to get home and play the game though, it seems to be a pretty fun game from what the box says and media I've seen before talking about the game, it comes in a thick slipcase and it looks pretty good, so overall I'm pretty happy with what I got, since I loved playing Super Monkey Ball back then. The release also appears to be a Canadian version since there's also French text on it, which is pretty cool. I also went by Goodwill after and searched for stuff but wasn't able to find anything. I spent a bit looking for things though, I was really close to buying something I already can't remember what but I didn't, and their movie selection was slim, and then after that I ended up coming home. That's all I have to say for right now but I have to say that I feel pretty great, and that once I get home I'm gonna continue to get better. I feel amazing, life really does have a purpose. I hope everyone feels just as great as I do, and whatever happens you deserve that happiness. I hope you all have a blessed as I have.

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