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Ugh, this is going to be a mostly negative post so might as well get the positives out of the way. Word searches! I don't know how much I've talked about them but I'm really good at them, which is good because I like playing them. I didn't discover this until last year when I got bored and started looking up word searches out of nowhere and began playing them a lot. I was so good at them, would always beat one in 2 minutes or less, which is cool. I bring this up out of nowhere because I was playing a word search last night and it dawned on me, "Have I never talked about word searches on the blog?", and it felt like I haven't, so I'm talking about it now. Great story, I know. What else, Godzilla! Yeah, sorry to mention him yet again but it's a staple, he's gotta make his way into every post so it's better if it's just right there and done, but what about Godzilla? Do you guys realize how many Godzilla films are technically called Godzilla? Including the American re-edits of course. That's about, 5? Including 1954, 1984, 1985 (re-edit of 1984), 1998 (TriStar), 1999, and by a technicality, 2016 with Shin Godzilla. I've been getting into weather channel music! No, not like the actual music they play on weather broadcasts, but actually お天気チャンネル. It's really fun stuff, it seems really daunting at first because there's albums with like 90 tracks but those are incredibly easy to get through, as the length is 1½ hours. A lot of the music is comprised of samples from Japanese music, Japanese ads, and general Japanese television from what I can, all from the 80s. It's pretty great stuff, gotta give a shout out to my bro Matt for turning me on, such a legend he is. It's also great for scrobble farming on last.fm, if you know what that is. A lot of it seems to flow together pretty well, so that 1½ hours doesn't actually feel that way, but instead it feels shorter and better. I also got into Ai Aso too, after her inclusion on the JPEGMAFIA song (as a sample, of course) I Just Killed A Cop Now I'm Horny, abrasive song title, I know, but it's genuinely a great listen once you get past the sample usage, which was easy for me. He uses the song Agenda for the beginning and it's absolutely beautiful, the chords, the singer's voice, it's all absolutely astounding and it's kinda philosophical in the way it's used in the sample. I've always found an affinity for that sample, mostly because I always thought it was beautiful in general, and how it played behind the main sample (if you're not aware, do your own research, be very very advised though) was wonderful. It took me 3-4 years but I finally got around to checking the album out on Spotify, which was a live album, and it was really great. Later, that night I did some digging and found out she has 4 more releases that aren't on Spotify, so I downloaded them all. I'm currently listening to the Chamomile Pool, it's absolutely beautiful. Super fun music with a lot of twists and turns. Definitely comes recommended. Please listen to it. I'm sorry if I haven't came off as myself, or how I usually am this morning, there's just been so much stuff happening in my personal life and it's just absolutely stressful and frustrating, for starters, my bus ride is slowly getting worse and worse every single day. A few days ago, this pathetic 10th grader hit a 7th grader during a panic attack, and then yesterday I had to stand for a bit because there was no open seats. The bus ride is slowly rotting my head and it's making me actually lose it. I can't take being on this bus anymore, in the morning, it's fine, whatever, gives me time to write in my blog, but the afternoon ride, whew. That's when things become horrible. On top of my brain feeling numb and tired because of the long ride home, which is driving me insane, oh my god. Yesterday's seat debacle is what broke me. There shouldn't be that many kids to where kids have to stand and sit on the floor, no, that shouldn't have to be an option either. There's no one to blame either than the school system thinking this was a good idea. It's not. It's absolutely not, and I hope this shows how stupid this entire thing is. I'm going to file a complaint somehow, I don't know how yet but I'm going to, I can't handle doing this anymore. I don't care if I have 2 weeks left or not, this is absolutely awful and I hate dealing with it every single day. With that in mind, my cats are becoming little puppets of Satan. They keep coming into my room for NO REASON, they literally do nothing but knock stuff down and then just sit there. I get that they're cats or whatever but I think if I got you out of my room REPEATEDLY, say 6 times in one day, then the cats should get the picture. Now usually this wouldn't be a problem, this has happened before so I know how to deal with it all, but it's becoming a problem if I go to bed at 2:30 AM when I have to get up at 6 just so I can get them out of my room and, in the process, knock everything down. I don't get why they do it, there's nothing in there for them, I'm so perplexed on why they're this stupid. I have to keep my door locked and put something to prevent them from getting under every morning before school because one day I came home and everything was knocked over and ruined. These things are becoming really unbearable and I'm starting to hate them. This and I have personal drama stuff that's absolutely stupid, so I don't care to get into it. It's no surprise I am not feeling well, and I'm incredibly sorry for dumping it out here but I need to get it out in a fashion where everything's laid out, unfortunately this is the only thing that I can do like that. I just want school to end, like, today, I absolutely hate dealing with this stuff. Back to my bus situation, I have completely lost interest in doing much because I don't have time for it anymore, usually I would have time to plan out what I was doing, but now I don't anymore and it's throwing me off incredibly. A prime example of this is that I haven't seen a movie in 3 days, which is really something because I watch movies like daily, but thank to the bus being late, it has thrown everything off where if I think about watching a movie I get extremely exhausted because I don't have the energy. You know how heartbreaking that is to me, incredibly. I feel like I can't enjoy my passion anymore because I'm always so tired because of the bus ride. I'm losing sleep too, as I mentioned earlier, I went to bed at 2:30, and got up at 6, which is 3½ hours of sleep. That's shorter than Love Exposure (2008, Sion Sono, great film). Now a rational person would say go to bed earlier and to respond to that I present a undisclosed package being planted under their car. I would do that but it just feels like I have no time to do that, because of getting on the bus late. I have nothing else to write so I'll see you guys if I haven't gone absolutely insane yet. I'm not going to have a good day as I never do, because of the bus. I'm surprised I haven't lost my urge to write blog posts, see you guys later in the next one.

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