Orignally Posted on 04/05/2022

It's 7:30 am right now and there's been a lot going on. It's all very positive though and I'm very thankful for that. There hasn't been much going on to talk about since yesterday which isn't really surprising, I got 2 Blu-rays in the mail which was great. One was Ultra Q, the complete series, in case you don't know, Ultra Q is a monster of the week show I'm pretty sure and the special effects guy behind Godzilla (one of my favorite movies and franchises) created it. It's a pretty great release overall, for 10 bucks at least. It comes with a detailed episode guide with character information on top of history in this 28 page booklet, all in color too. It's only downsides is Mill Creek Entertainment (I am not a fan of them), and the fact it's a steel book. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Blu-rays, I usually try and grab the plastic cases if I can because visually they appeal to me, I remember one time I got into a discord argument with some communist about the casing looking bad or whatever. It looks fine as it and that entire argument was stupid. The other was a steal too. Kij├╗ Yoshida's Love + Anarchism. It's a 3 movie pack consisting of Eros + Massacre, Heroic Purgatory & Coup d'Etat. I've never seen any of these titles but I did some research on Love + Anarchism and it's titles look absolutely stunning, albeit all in black & white and looks pretty washed out too in some sections (from testing the discs) but nonetheless they look great and I can't wait to watch them. The title themselves are really long through, with the long clocking in at 3 hours and I think 30 minutes? It's minute count is 215 so please someone translate that for me and tell me in the comments, I'm not entirely sure. The shortest is at 1 hour and 48 minutes. These titles look absolutely great though as I said so I can't wait to get to them. I orded Sailor Suit and Machine Gun this morning, a title I've been wanting to watch for a long time and just decided to buy the Blu-ray since I had the money. I have so many titles in my want list I've been holding off on for AGES now, like years on my want list. I always have the money for it too but I never buy it in order of other titles I want that look interesting. I've been really into Japanese media recently, I plan on starting the Azumanga anime after watching a YouTube video about it and a friend finishing up the manga inspired me to do it (shout-out Matt). Yesterday I was talking with a neighbor after doing lawn work for them and they brought up the fact rich people used to get away with things back then as they would now and it made me realize how flawed the system is, but that's another passionate rant for another day, I'm on a time limit here I can't write a novel about what I think is right and wrong, as much as I want to, that's not feasible right now! I have to get going anyways so I hope you enjoyed reading this, see ya next post.

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