It's been a bit, hasn't it? I don't know where to begin, my mind is scattered all over the place but for good reason, a ton of good stuff is happening. I haven't found time to sit down and write about the happenings in a hot minute but I figured now is a more good time than ever to talk about what's happening. God, it's been forever, where do I even begin? Well, for starters, I'm moving finally. This is a pretty big step for me as I've been wanting to for a while now but haven't found a reason to or the opportunity but now both have arrived, and I couldn't be more excited. The reasoning? College. That's right. I'm not entirely sold on the idea of college being a very exciting endevor, more school seems like a drag but, hey, isn't life a drag in general? With that being said, I am excited nonetheless. I finally get to break free from the shackles known as Tennessee. I hate it here, this place is awful in every sense of the word, the only positive thing here can be applied to any state possible, that being the cities. I am a strong believer that all cities, to some extent, are functionally the same minus their respected landmarks. If you showed me a photo of Phillidelphia next to a photo of Knoxvillem I'd probably think they're the same place. Don't get me wrong, I love cities to my heart's content but I can easily move to another city in a different state and be fine... Speaking of which, where am I going exactly? If you couldn't tell, it's Georgia. I don't know or remember how muchI've talked about Georgia on this blog (man, it's really been that long), but it's my state of birth, and where I was raised there for a significant portion of my life, I love the place to death. It holds a special place in my heart for very obvious reasons, and it's one of the main reasons I'm pretty excited about all of this. I'm exhausted though, my graduation comes up in a pretty short amount of time, and I still haven't packed much, which I should get on matter of a fact. I still have a ton of college stuff to do (fill out forums, write papers, etc.) so I genuinely haven't found time to do much. So I'm very sorry for the lack of a post last month, it's been pretty hectic, but enough about my personal life, let's talk about my favorite topic in the world... MEDIA! A lot, and I mean a LOT of media has been discovered and exhausted by me, so much so that I am not able to list all into this post, that's how much there has been. I think the pretty biggest one is, of course, K-Pop, there's so much K-Pop to discuss, but I think the two biggest ones, at least for me, was LE SSERAFIM and, and... ARTMS. I'll first start of with LE SSERAFIM. If you've been keeping tabs on my K-pop page, you would notice that LE SSERAFIM has been rising and rising in my top 5 groups, and for good reason, they're incredible. Words can not express how much I LOVE this group. I can go on and on for eons about this group and everyone in the group but I'll spare you the details or even maybe write it in a separate post, who's to say, but they recently released their first full lenght album, Unforgiven, as opposed to the mini-albums of there previous releases and, OH MY GOD. I was disappointed at first because the track teasers came out and there was only 7 of them, and the fact 6 of the 13 tracks were previous ones, but the 7 tracks we got, I can't explain how much I love them. I woke up at 3 am just for this release, I had everything prepared. I had an outfit, I prepped the night before, I cleaned my room after almost a full month, I shaved. I did everything I can just for this album and it paid off immensely, the outfit in question? The good ol' Godzilla shirt and dark jeans combo, the one I wear only wear on special occasions. This was pretty big for me, I was awake for the music video drop, the live countdown, and everything before it and after it. I even watched the comeback show, partially at least. It was unsubbed and I didn't want to spoil some segments I knew were gonna come out and have subtitles, but I was pretty excited nonetheless. I can go on and on about my love for this album and this group, I can 100% tell you everything you need to know about the group and it's music but I won't, just to spare you. Now, ARTMS. This is the hugest thing for me, and it makes pretty perfect sense, LOONA, it's a bit hard to explain but 4 LOONA members recently gained freedom from their contract, their move? Go and sign to the company who was owned by their former creative director, Jaden Jeong. That's a powermove if I ever saw one, and it worked out great because now there's a new group forming, ARTMS. ARTMS is pretty much LOONA in disguise, but it's perfect. I can also go on and on, so I'm pretty excited about all of this, this month is pretty packed, 2/5ths of my top 5 group dropped / are dropping, and the only boy group I'm into, SHINee, are dropping a full length. I've gotten pretty into SHINee in the last month, they're a perfect boy group in my opinion. Their music is top notch, especially the track 1 of 1, that song is genuine perfection in every way possible. The chorus, the verses, the singing, the instrumental being a vague reminder of 90s r&b, it all blends so well together to make an absolutely perfect package. The music video too (please watch it, if you can), whew, quite possibly the best K-pop music video ever. The bright colorful outfits, the white backdrop, the scene where they're all dancing, the high five that was incorperated into the chorepgraphy, the editing especially, the minimalist vibe of it, it's just, all so so good. Not sure what SM Entertainment was doing in that time, but I wish it was like that permanently, everything about this is just spectacular. The album itself is very good, aton of amazing tracks on it too, I'm very excited about their new album coming out later this month, it's going to be great, I can feel it :). Oh! I forgot to mention, guess what I got recently! I finally own LE SSERAFIM's Fearless on CD! It's the Japanese single but I still love it just as much, I got the A limited edition, which comes with a 32 page photobook of the concept, and it looks stellar, everyone looks amazing, and I even got a photo card of Sakura and Yunjin :D. I actually bias all 5 members of the group, so I would've been happy with any of the cards, but since I like Sakura the most out of everyone, getting a card with her is just pure bliss, it's amazing. I've noticed recently I've been upset about a lot of things, and I'm hoping soon with the change of the location, I don't have many chances of feeling good, but I'm feeling very good right now, life is amazing, I don't wanna sound preachy but it really is sometimes, this moment of just typing away about my life makes me realzie how much I love doing something like this, I love writing about my day, I love writing and talking about what I like, and having this opportunity is something I will forever cherish. I should probably work on the "best of" section on the website now that I think about it. I want to keep blogging more, but I haven't found a reason to recently, but it always feels nice to take time out of your day to talk or write about what's going on. I've typed a lot but I could possibly type more, and I want to, but it appears i've ran out of things to type about. I hope this post finds everyone well like it did me, and I hope everyone has a great day & night.

P.S. I never mentioned what I'm going to college for, did I? Well, it should be obvious, film and video production! I absolutely love the process of video editing and making videos, so having the ability to do it in a bigger setting like college, and possibly for the rest of my life is something that's incredibly exciting. I hope it goes well.

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