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Beowulf is a story from the 6th century, and it's about a man on a journey with fighting in-between, his main enemies are a monster named Grendel, his mother, and a dragon whom has a hoard of treasures. A lot of Beowulf is drenched in Christianity as a lot of the text relates to a higher power, more specifically God.As the text goes on, you can see Beowulf's efforts in fighting the monsters around him, or what comes at him. Beowulf as a character is supposed to show the hero side, the courageous and fearless someone can be when it comes to facing possible danger. While on the other hand, Grendel can represent the exact opposite of that as he's Beowulf's opponent. Since fighting is a common part of the story, it's no surprise that Grendel, his mother, and other enemies tend to do stuff that can spark a fight because of how negative it is, like how Grendel killed 30 people near the beginning of the story.

Modern Day Connection

There's many ways that Beowulf connects to the modern day, for example, Beowulf is someone who fights for himself and is a hero. Many people nowadays are considered heroes, and fight for what they believe in, in order to survive. A ton of people are fighting today for what they believe in, so it can correlate with Beowulf in that sense. Another connection can be religion, while it's obvious that religion is still common today, it's also a major aspect of the text, as a lot it's mention a lot throughout the text of Beowulf. As religion is still practiced, it can have the same connection to people as it did for the characters of Beowulf, or with people who've read the story before as well.

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