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Beowulf is the main character of this epic, and by default is the hero as he goes to battle with anyone in his path that can or has done him wrong. He plays a strong part of the story as he progresses the story because of how detailed his fights can be throughout the story.



Hrothgar is the old king of the Danes, and an ally of Beowulf's father and his uncle as well. He helped with the creation of the Hereot, which is where Beowulf and the rest of the Geats stay, which is where they have the fight with Grendel.



Grendel is the the main villain of the story, causing a disturbance being a monster that can and has cause harmed to Beowulf and his people as well as innocent people. He comes from a swamplike place in order to fight Beowulf and his people, which leads to him dying and having his arm torn off by Beowulf.



Wiglaf is a one of the men that Beowulf recruited for his crew in order to defeat Grendel. He helps Beowulf near the end of the story because he doesn't want his king to be killed, so he helps Beowulf in a fight against the dragon.



Edgetho was Beowulf's father who is praised for the work he has done and his fighting skills. He doesn't do anything in the story as he's revealed to be dead in the story.



Higlac is Beowulf's uncle and was the king of the Geats. He entrusts Beowulf with treasures and such as he's the ring giver for Beowulf.


Grendel's Mother

Grendel's Mother is an enemy in the story that Beowulf and the Geats face after they attack and defeat Grendel. She opposes as a threat to Beowulf as she ends up almost defeating Beowulf during their fight.


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